What Motivates You?

Motivation can slip and if you’re not in the grips of a powerful enough routine or are yet to find that discipline then days not working out can too easily turn to weeks and months. A profound and deeply ingrained motivation or ‘why’ will make those decisions to train and eat right that much more fluid and reflexive. You live with 100% of your choices, make it about you.

Top Tip 1: Focus on you

Because at the end of the day, you’re answering to you. You are the one that has to get yourself out of bed early, get yourself to the gym after a hard slough at work or get yourself around tuna and avo when you’re feeling something greasy and available on Uber eats. Write down what you want to get out of this and make it personal.

Top Tip 2:  Honestly determine your current motivations

It looked like it was going somewhere with that hot girl but now she’s not texting you back? Give a fuck. The scale hasn’t gone down this week as much as it did last week and you’ve honestly been true to your calorific deficit goals? There could be a plethora of totally normal bodily fluctuations behind this. Spend a moment learning what’s motivating you so, if need be, realign to something worthy to see you through the long game.

Top Tip 3:  Don’t use short term results to feed your motivation.

Because our wondrously complex bodies are not liable to give us the results we want week in and week out we need to stay focused on our long game. Metabolic adaptation is super normal and progress is often not linear. Think about the fitness you want ten, twenty and thirty years from now. I know I don’t want to just see photos of my grandkids hiking over the weekend. I want to be there. I want to chase them up the mountain. Do it because you see a version of yourself two years, five years down the track that represents the discipline and self care you put in.

Key Take Aways

Work towards building a solid routine as this helps keep you on track when motivation slips. This is part and parcel of the fact that action comes before motivation.

You’re the one who lives with the results and actions to get them so you need to be the one who decides and knows why you are doing this.

Progress is not linear, despite good efforts we will have good and bad days so don’t let one disappointing weigh in throw you off track. Focus on your long game.

Morning Mindset

If you’re fortunate enough to be in work that fosters within you a passion and ambition then you are absolutely in the winners circle. Maintaining this lead or gaining it however, requires balance and a resilient mindset.

A solid morning routine can absolutely help you achieve it. How you start the day has a profound influence on all the decisions and actions that follow.

The mornings are powerful incubators of potential and finding your own fire starter is a worthy venture. Routines like making the bed before finding something soft and soulful on Spotify to practice 10 minutes of yoga, wander outside for some barefoot tea drinking or a good walk before the day unfolds.

Practice 1: Hydrate & Move

Physically as well as psychologically beneficial.
The importance of hydration & stretching transcends  appetite regulation and healthy body function.It is the deliberate prioritisation of choosing to look after yourself and making health focused decisions that gets to the self-esteem of you. 
Healthy self esteem is fertile ground for nurturing the ambition and confidence it takes to tackle projects and be present with all those you’ll interact with throughout the day.

Practice 2: Gratitude & Connection

Even in the throes of winter whereby sunlight may only appear around 8am try get yourself outside. Tune your circadian rhythm with the morning’s light shift and connect to your environment. Message a friend or family member something kind before thinking on something you’re grateful for. Maybe you want to journal it, maybe you’re happy just sitting and thinking on it. Starting the day like this will nurture a positivity and awareness focused mindset as well as just giving you a premium dose of the warm fuzzies.

Practice 3: Prioritise & Assess Goals

Decision fatigue is a thing. Too many, “how should I spend this 1/2 hour?” or “What project do I tackle first?” can cost you momentum and results. To-do lists provide direction & clarity. Get clear on what you want to achieve with your day by writing some specific goals and schedule it in. When distractions arise ask yourself; “does this contribute to the days goals?”  Find empowerment in rendering these distractions in black and white, in knowing what you want and saying no to what you don’t.

Key Take Aways
A routine that starts with wellness actions sets the tone for your self-worth which is highly motivating.
Practicing gratitude and tuning into the natural world fosters an ability to be present and in the moment.
Be clear on what you want from the day and write your goals down accordingly.