Red Sea Poached Fish

Barramundi fillet poached in a red sea of tomato, onion and eastern spices, topped with a two minute tahini dip and fresh coriander leaves. Find yourself a local loaf of something chewy and crusty to be served alongside and mop up that sauce. Method: 3. Once the tomato sauce is bubbling, add your barramundi filletsContinue reading “Red Sea Poached Fish”

Baked Trout Platter W Chilli Basil Mousse

A fillet of fish baked alongside vegetables whilst you whip up a bulk batch of dip to keep in the fridge for the rest of the week. This is an incredibly worthy investment of 30 minutes of your time, most of which you can spend doing other things while the vegetables bake and do theirContinue reading “Baked Trout Platter W Chilli Basil Mousse”

Salmon Cauliflower Nest

Not everyone deals super well with gluten and dairy. But most people love a comforting bowl of pasta. Add an extra nourishing and delicious fillet of salmon? The last post was a “cauliflower cheese” dream and here it has been repurposed meaning…. make lots to save yourself time and do different things with it! IngredientsContinue reading “Salmon Cauliflower Nest”

‘Cheesey’ Cauliflower Bake

Childhood dreams of cauliflower cheese, or even baked potato? This dish delivers on taste, nostalgia and satisfaction, without the heavy, I need to unzip my pants feels. I prepped it all while the roast chicken was in the oven and then popped it in for the last ten minutes. Gluten and dairy free, this isContinue reading “‘Cheesey’ Cauliflower Bake”

Miso Roast Chicken and Veg bowl

Consider this bowl my sign of appreciation and recognition. This if for everyone who puts time into themselves, their loved ones, their community. Those endeavours take time! So take some back with world’s easiest bowls. Meal prep friendly, family friendly, budget friendly. Tick boxes and hit goals. Ingredients for four portions: 1 whole chicken quarteredContinue reading “Miso Roast Chicken and Veg bowl”

One ‘screenshot-able’ hummus recipe

Hummus can mean a lot to the time pressed chef, a dip, a replacement for cream. Throw it through pasta, as a side, in bowls. Sky is the limit and this oil-free and macro friendly variation goes down a treat. *Tabasco is not required but it can be a game changer, and you are whatContinue reading “One ‘screenshot-able’ hummus recipe”