Lifestyle and Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain will affect 9 in 10 of us, a sad statistic that you can avoid through a couple key lifestyle changes and some exercises and stretches that will nurture you past pain. Contributing lifestyle factors Don’t be nervous, you don’t have to change a whole lot and the the little things you doContinue reading “Lifestyle and Lower Back Pain”

San Choy Bow

A gift of messy, fresh goodness from the East.Bits will fall out, peanut butter will land on your chin and the sensation of spice meeting lime, meeting the crunch from the lettuce and chew in the savoury mince will have you wanting more.So don’t be shy, do have fun decorating and go wild in yourContinue reading San Choy Bow

A Gather’s Bowls of Brunch

Salads are a celebration of contrasts!Creamy and crunchyLeafiness with a slight bitter edge on the same forkful as a tangy, salted tomato With a lovely spoonful of hummus to bring it altogether. This is the bowl you want to nourish, satisfy and seeing you through to getting the most out of your day. As aContinue reading “A Gather’s Bowls of Brunch”

Roasted Pumpkin & Goats Cheese salad W Smoked trout

Salads are a fantastic option for delivering a load of nutrients whilst still being able to go about your day feeling light and focused. Berries are ripening on their bushes and veg is bursting to life under the emboldened spring sun. Make the most of this gorgeous time of the year with a celebratory salad.Continue reading “Roasted Pumpkin & Goats Cheese salad W Smoked trout”

Addressing Adrenal Fatigue

Struggling to sleep, a lack of focus, little energy and an over all off kilter feeling that is leaving your depressed and frustrated. Adrenal Fatigue feels horrendous. A quick bio lesson:You produce adrenaline (also called cortisol) in glands. Your perception of the world and how you experience stress and other day-day experiences will determine howContinue reading “Addressing Adrenal Fatigue”

Ready to Rock Croc Pot Chicken

Were you wondering what to do with that left over roast chicken from Sunday? There’s a big week coming up and the weather outside has you dreamy for bowls of nourishing warmth you can enjoy inside. When the wind has you wanting to escape, do so! To the country, with this country chicken soup recipe.Continue reading “Ready to Rock Croc Pot Chicken”

Stand Tall

Avoid Pain with Your Best Posture Train smarter and avoid lifestyle pitfalls: You can support your posture through training the correct muscles such as your upper back (rhomboids, lats, rear delts and trapezius) and being mindful during the day of your posture. This is not limited to the upper body. Strong glutes, core and workingContinue reading “Stand Tall”

‘Cheesey’ Cauliflower Bake

Childhood dreams of cauliflower cheese, or even baked potato? This dish delivers on taste, nostalgia and satisfaction, without the heavy, I need to unzip my pants feels. I prepped it all while the roast chicken was in the oven and then popped it in for the last ten minutes. Gluten and dairy free, this isContinue reading “‘Cheesey’ Cauliflower Bake”

Variation For Avoiding Repetitive Stress, Dysfunction & Injury

What seems odd in the gym is often closer to real life scenariosWhat does that mean? Often in real life, we aren’t moving as we would in a gym. We are not sitting on a machine, sending a weight through a guided path or resisting the load of a symmetrical barbell.  Real life looks more likeContinue reading “Variation For Avoiding Repetitive Stress, Dysfunction & Injury”

Improve your run, avoid injury

Running is a brilliant way to improve your cardiovascular health, maintain a healthy weight or lose weight and it is also a great outdoors exercise activity you can do anywhere! Making it a fantastic option for mental health and cognitive performance too. It can be social or done alone, according to you and how youContinue reading “Improve your run, avoid injury”