A Gather’s Bowls of Brunch

Salads are a celebration of contrasts!Creamy and crunchyLeafiness with a slight bitter edge on the same forkful as a tangy, salted tomato With a lovely spoonful of hummus to bring it altogether. This is the bowl you want to nourish, satisfy and seeing you through to getting the most out of your day. As aContinue reading “A Gather’s Bowls of Brunch”

Golden Turmeric Mushrooms over Hummus

Everything about this bowl feels super Autumnal; from the mushrooms themselves to the gold and brown they turn, lightly spiced in the pan. It also felt good to cook with onion again, something about it just feels wintery even if copious consumption there of is not conducive to close up cuddling.  Gently warming the hummusContinue reading “Golden Turmeric Mushrooms over Hummus”

Shakshuka W Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

Cold morning, crunchy toast, warm bowl, gooey eggs. We love a good smelling kitchen, we love a kitchen that is transfused with spicy tomato, smokey red pepper pesto and sweet roasted pumpkin. This is a classic that delivers to the senses. Dip your toast in the gooey goodness, get messy and enjoy. Base Ingredients: 4 eggsContinue reading “Shakshuka W Roasted Red Pepper Pesto”

Sumac Salmon With Avocado Cucumber Salad

I would call it 10 minutes max of traversing your local market to find all ingredients needed. Of course you’d want to take longer than that, the fishmonger might have tails to share. Ingredients: 2 salmon fillets (200g uncooked) 1 avocado 1 cucumber sumac dill salt and pepper to taste top with lemon slices andContinue reading “Sumac Salmon With Avocado Cucumber Salad”