Shakshuka W Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

Cold morning, crunchy toast, warm bowl, gooey eggs. We love a good smelling kitchen, we love a kitchen that is transfused with spicy tomato, smokey red pepper pesto and sweet roasted pumpkin. This is a classic that delivers to the senses. Dip your toast in the gooey goodness, get messy and enjoy. Base Ingredients: 4 eggsContinue reading “Shakshuka W Roasted Red Pepper Pesto”

Value your effort

Yes, training, eating right and getting to bed on time takes discipline and isn’t always easy. Sometimes it can feel like sacrifice but maybe you need to redefine sacrifice. I wouldn’t sacrifice unleashing my bodies potential or sacrifice my health for anything. This doesn’t mean never missing a days training, never going out for wood firedContinue reading “Value your effort”