Being your most effective and present self: part 2 

It’s what on the inside that counts… Top tip 1: Positive self-talk Our thoughts proceed everything that we do. We think we are hungry; we think about the meal we would like and we take action to have that meal. We receive an email at work, we think about completing the task it details andContinue reading Being your most effective and present self: part 2 

Spiced South West Salmon and Salsa

A salmon serve a day truly keeps the doctor away. The high-quality protein to promote healthy muscle mass, the omega 3s to support cardiovascular health and brain function as well as loads of other minerals to keep you stronger for longer.  This smokiness of the spiced salmon is wondrously cut through with the fresh-ness ofContinue reading Spiced South West Salmon and Salsa

Enhance Your Focus

Part one of a series on being your most effective, present self. Three free things you can do: Cold exposure: 5 minutes in a cold shower, a dip in the ocean or a walk in cold temperature in minimal clothing. You can derive further benefits from these practices by focusing on your breath while experiencing theContinue reading “Enhance Your Focus”

Stand Tall

Avoid Pain with Your Best Posture Train smarter and avoid lifestyle pitfalls: You can support your posture through training the correct muscles such as your upper back (rhomboids, lats, rear delts and trapezius) and being mindful during the day of your posture. This is not limited to the upper body. Strong glutes, core and workingContinue reading “Stand Tall”

Experience Can Work One of Both Ways.

You can either let the years and knowledge build you up or let it weigh you down. It can either feed or deplete your determination and the ultimate thing it comes down to is having an enthusiastic mindset. If you don’t feel like you have enough experience you will want more and this will feedContinue reading “Experience Can Work One of Both Ways.”

Morning Mindset

If you’re fortunate enough to be in work that fosters within you a passion and ambition then you are absolutely in the winners circle. Maintaining this lead or gaining it however, requires balance and a resilient mindset. A solid morning routine can absoltuly help you achieve it. How you start the day has a profoundContinue reading “Morning Mindset”

Your Meal Prep Game

Making time to healthily can be hard but it is such a game changer! If you want to live a healthier lifestyle and enjoy the benefits that come with that understand that it takes committing time into what you eat. It comes down to evaluating your priorities and determining what you’re willing to put intoContinue reading “Your Meal Prep Game”


I love getting to feel like an animal. Something sprinting across the land and then moving in the ocean. Being outsideGetting your heart rate upFeeling yourself freeze and catch your breathGets all sorts of instincts humming and there’s no doubt I’m addicted to the rush of it Any time I can start the day likeContinue reading “SPRINT BREATH SWIM”

A Little More Plant Based On Balance 

A recent trip to New Zealand spoilt me with stunning vistas as well as time to reflect. How might I live lighter and thrive on simpler? I arrived at deciding to cut down my meat consumption. I feel super excited about this! My mind has run away with how to go about this new plant-basedContinue reading “A Little More Plant Based On Balance “

Reasons you ate when you weren’t actually hungry…

You felt triggered or disappointed by an email, text or remark You felt stressed You had just checked your phone It was just “there” It was late at night And what to do instead…. Keep a journal, noting down things that disappoint or trigger you and unpacking why they did so to increase your resilienceContinue reading “Reasons you ate when you weren’t actually hungry…”