Being your most effective and present self: part 2 

It’s what on the inside that counts…

Attitude is everything. 
Your attitude and perceptions are the tools you pack for the job.

  • Pack the wrong tools and you will feel out of your depth, ill-prepared and unable to operate effectively. 
  • Pack the right tools and you will approach your task with confidence and understanding. 
  • Pack high quality tools that you are excited to use and you will jump at your task with enthusiasm.

So how to do go about “selecting the best tools”?

Top tip 1: Positive self-talk

Our thoughts proceed everything that we do. We think we are hungry; we think about the meal we would like and we take action to have that meal. We receive an email at work, we think about completing the task it details and we do so. Our language too has subtlety and power to determine how we respond to each task and how it makes us feel. I have to do this will establish a different platform to respond to situations than I get to do this. Our performance and response to life are highly susceptible to the energy and attitude we feed into the beginning phase and our motivation levels are highly sensitive to the language we use as we go. 

  • I can’t do this Vs I can’t do this yet. 
  • I’m useless as this Vs I’m still learning how to do this 
  • I have never done this before Vs this is an opportunity to learn

Think about how many thoughts you have a day, how many powerful opportunities you have to either fuel your fire or put it out. Take a moment to practice positive self-talk, being your own best friend and encourager. Practice this as often as you can and see how your mindset begins to strengthen and embolden you.

Top tip 2: Let past achievements inspire you
How many fantastic things have you already achieved in your life? Maybe when you started these ventures you felt a bit overwhelmed. You were starting your degree and thought gosh I have a long road ahead. But then you did it. Maybe you felt this way when starting a new job and having to learn new things but look where you are now or where you ended up. This can be applied and extrapolated to many areas of your life. The start of a hike, a new relationship…. Many things. The point being, things often seem scary at first but then you overcome, achieve and move on. Remember these past victories and let them compel and inspire you on to greater things. 

Top tip 3: Surround yourself with like-minded and encouraging people
More valuable than tools are your team, even if that team is not present on site all the time. These are the friends you choose to influence you, the partner who should ultimately encourage and support you and the other people you have in your life; mentors, personal trainers, coaches etc. (you cannot choose family so I shall simply wish you luck in enjoying the best of what they can offer you and extending your understanding and discretion on any negative aspects that sometimes stem from these relationships.)
We are sponges and will soak up the energy and will of those around us. So be picky and do not apologise for this. Does the company you keep uplift and motivate you? Or does it leave you feeling drained and deflated? This sometimes takes a while to work out. Allow yourself the space and time to do so.  

Key take-aways:

  • Your attitude is the foundation and tools which determine your outcomes and results 
  • How you speak to yourself have a huge impact on how you perceive you circumstance and the task ahead
  • You have made it this far and achieved this much already, there are greater things than that in store for you still. 
  • Pick the best team 

I hope you enjoyed part two of this months theme on being your most effective and present self.
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