Healing Dark Chocolate Cashew Butter Balls

Featuring adaptogens to support your energy, hormones and gut How do these adaptogens help and heal? Maca powder: famed for improving sexual desire and function, Maca is also incredibly nourishing for the adrenals too which in turn  assists in the regulation and balance of many  hormones, most notably; cortisol (adrenalin), testosterone and oestrogen. Maca also aids liver detoxification.Continue reading “Healing Dark Chocolate Cashew Butter Balls”

Chilli Basil Mousse

After all the lovely basil I was gifted last week, I had a fun surge of inspiration and whipped up this child basil mousse  I’ve used this in pasta, with mushrooms and eggs on toast, it was great with roasted potatoes and chicken and had a flavour worth sharing. So make lots! Reuse your emptyContinue reading “Chilli Basil Mousse”