Toasted Pistachio and Dil Dip

To be scooped and spread on eggs, fish or red meat. If you can BBQ it (as the season calls for) then you can enjoy it with this dip. It’s sharp and mustardy tang lends itself well to fattier cuts of meat but it still does wonders with chicken breast and white fish. Pan toastingContinue reading “Toasted Pistachio and Dil Dip”

Your Hormones and Hunger

Much of your hormonal signalling happens on a clock (your body clock). You are wired to feel hungry at the same times everyday! This makes perfect sense from an evolutionary standpoint as it also means your system can be optimised for digestion. If your body knows it has to digest foods at a certain timeContinue reading “Your Hormones and Hunger”

Healing Dark Chocolate Cashew Butter Balls

Featuring adaptogens to support your energy, hormones and gut How do these adaptogens help and heal? Maca powder: famed for improving sexual desire and function, Maca is also incredibly nourishing for the adrenals too which in turn  assists in the regulation and balance of many  hormones, most notably; cortisol (adrenalin), testosterone and oestrogen. Maca also aids liver detoxification.Continue reading “Healing Dark Chocolate Cashew Butter Balls”

Chocolate Tahini Treats

Salty, sweet and heavy on the cacao. These treats come at your tastebuds from all angles. Satisfyingly chewy and packed with nutrients, they can be enjoyed mindfully, soulfully and with the best company (even if that is just you) Ingredients for to make 12 (10 minutes prep, 12 minutes baking) 1 cup almond meal 1/2Continue reading “Chocolate Tahini Treats”

Improve Your Sleep

For years, the research on sleep has been black and white and all experts agree that 7-9 hours is critical.Sleep is foundational, important to all aspects of health as stands as one of the rare bits of health advice that stands undisputed.Think about the fact that sleep deprivation is a highly effective torcher method. SufficientContinue reading “Improve Your Sleep”

After the workout, eat right for you goals

The correct nutrition will see you through to better performance, recovery and results. Our body is a pretty incredible and sophisticated machine and a bit of strategy can go a long way. How does a workout affect your body?During the workout– The rate of ATP turnover goes up (what your body uses for fuel). AsContinue reading “After the workout, eat right for you goals”