The Silkiest Peanut Chocolate Mousse There Ever Was

What a 5 minute joy this was to whip up! Yessss it takes a bit of time, letting it do it’s thing in the fridge a few hours but this dairy free delight that packs a mad protein punch is so worth it. Base Ingredients: 250g silken tofu 1 banana 2 heaped tbsp cacao powder 2Continue reading “The Silkiest Peanut Chocolate Mousse There Ever Was”

You Don’t Need to Miss Ice Cream

Sweet cold treats needn’t be gone from your life. A ripe banana, frozen ahead, a blender and nut butter are all you need to turn your frosty dreams into scoop-able realties. I make mine chocolatey and top it with crunchy bits of granola, this recipe offers options to be as creative as you like orContinue reading “You Don’t Need to Miss Ice Cream”

Salmon Cauliflower Nest

Not everyone deals super well with gluten and dairy. But most people love a comforting bowl of pasta. Add an extra nourishing and delicious fillet of salmon? The last post was a “cauliflower cheese” dream and here it has been repurposed meaning…. make lots to save yourself time and do different things with it! IngredientsContinue reading “Salmon Cauliflower Nest”