Salmon Cauliflower Nest

Not everyone deals super well with gluten and dairy. But most people love a comforting bowl of pasta. Add an extra nourishing and delicious fillet of salmon?

The last post was a “cauliflower cheese” dream and here it has been repurposed meaning…. make lots to save yourself time and do different things with it!

Ingredients for four portions:

  • A batch of the cauliflower cheese, made according to the following recipe:
  • 4 fillets of Salmon- Let these get to room temperature whilst you are pre-heating the oven and making the cauliflower.


  1. Set the oven to 375F/190C to preheat and season salmon with salt and pepper. Line in a baking tray and once the oven is ready, pop it in for between 12-15 minutes, according to how well done you would like it.
  2. If using an air fryer, simply bake to air fryers setting or instructions.
  3. Once the salmon is cooked and the cauliflower has been dosed into bowls, break the salmon apart over top, stir through ad enjoy.

Hot Tip: I often make this recipe to serve for just me but it batch cooks well and having a handy piece of salmon in the fridge is the stuff of meal prep dreams as it can go over salads, risotto, mashed potato…. etc.
There are a million awesome things you can do with your time, it is precious, save it where you can

If you would like to learn more on meal prepping and designing meals that will help you hit your goals, find out more here:


The above makes 4 serves, the macros described are per serve:

Each: 434cal 49gP 25gF 13gC

Hot tip 2: I’ll often half the fillet of salmon and have a small bowl of oats as dessert afterwards instead. It means less protein, more carbs and about the same amount of calories which suits my goals perfectly.

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