Your Metabolism

It happens in every cell of your body. It (base metabolism) keeps you alive. The pace and function of your metabolism is up to the mitochondria. Mitochondira are these incredible little power-packs, the motherboard of each and everyone of your cells! Their function varies hugely by hormonal status, age, genetics and more. Metabolism can slowContinue reading “Your Metabolism”

Enhance Your Focus

Part one of a series on being your most effective, present self. Three free things you can do: Cold exposure: 5 minutes in a cold shower, a dip in the ocean or a walk in cold temperature in minimal clothing. You can derive further benefits from these practices by focusing on your breath while experiencing theContinue reading “Enhance Your Focus”

Rob’s Morning Oat Jar

Autumnal apples and late season citrus offer mild sweetness and supreme juiciness while the granola at the bottom and bulk oats will replenish his energy stores (muscle glycogen) as the day unfolds before him. Why oats and granola? Why should anyone have to choose between creamy and crunchy? Why not both? This simply can’t beContinue reading Rob’s Morning Oat Jar

Stand Tall

Avoid Pain with Your Best Posture Train smarter and avoid lifestyle pitfalls: You can support your posture through training the correct muscles such as your upper back (rhomboids, lats, rear delts and trapezius) and being mindful during the day of your posture. This is not limited to the upper body. Strong glutes, core and workingContinue reading “Stand Tall”

Shakshuka V2.0

Possibly the most excellent baked eggs I have ever had the pleasure to share in my garden. Twirling the fork around the sweet roasted strands of squash whilst it picked up tomato, dip, egg and spice is a mouth water experience. It didn’t need the toast but the additional crunch factor was much appreciated. AContinue reading “Shakshuka V2.0”


Love getting to feel like an animal. Something sprinting across the land and then moving in the ocean. Being outsideGetting your heart rate upFeeling yourself freeze and catch your breathGets all sorts of instincts humming and unlocks powerful focus and energy for the rest of your day. Sleep, stress response and metabolism all benefit fromContinue reading “SPRINT BREATH SWIM”

Salmon Cauliflower Nest

Not everyone deals super well with gluten and dairy. But most people love a comforting bowl of pasta. Add an extra nourishing and delicious fillet of salmon? The last post was a “cauliflower cheese” dream and here it has been repurposed meaning…. make lots to save yourself time and do different things with it! IngredientsContinue reading “Salmon Cauliflower Nest”

Variation For Avoiding Repetitive Stress, Dysfunction & Injury

What seems odd in the gym is often closer to real life scenariosWhat does that mean? Often in real life, we aren’t moving as we would in a gym. We are not sitting on a machine, sending a weight through a guided path or resisting the load of a symmetrical barbell.  Real life looks more likeContinue reading “Variation For Avoiding Repetitive Stress, Dysfunction & Injury”

Improve your run, avoid injury

Running is a brilliant way to improve your cardiovascular health, maintain a healthy weight or lose weight and it is also a great outdoors exercise activity you can do anywhere! Making it a fantastic option for mental health and cognitive performance too. It can be social or done alone, according to you and how youContinue reading “Improve your run, avoid injury”

One ‘screenshot-able’ hummus recipe

Hummus can mean a lot to the time pressed chef, a dip, a replacement for cream. Throw it through pasta, as a side, in bowls. Sky is the limit and this oil-free and macro friendly variation goes down a treat. *Tabasco is not required but it can be a game changer, and you are whatContinue reading “One ‘screenshot-able’ hummus recipe”