Your Hormones and Hunger

Much of your hormonal signalling happens on a clock (your body clock). You are wired to feel hungry at the same times everyday! This makes perfect sense from an evolutionary standpoint as it also means your system can be optimised for digestion. If your body knows it has to digest foods at a certain timeContinue reading “Your Hormones and Hunger”

A Gather’s Bowls of Brunch

Salads are a celebration of contrasts!Creamy and crunchyLeafiness with a slight bitter edge on the same forkful as a tangy, salted tomato With a lovely spoonful of hummus to bring it altogether. This is the bowl you want to nourish, satisfy and seeing you through to getting the most out of your day. As aContinue reading “A Gather’s Bowls of Brunch”

Struggle to Feel Full?

How it all works Your digestive tract is laden with receptors that feed chemical information to your brain via the vagus nerve and other neurones. Your gut is essentially looking for certain nutrients; amino and fatty acids that will then trigger satiety hormones to be released to decrease your appetite. Where it goes wrongIf theContinue reading “Struggle to Feel Full?”