Improve Your Sleep

For years, the research on sleep has been black and white and all experts agree that 7-9 hours is critical.
Sleep is foundational, important to all aspects of health as stands as one of the rare bits of health advice that stands undisputed.
Think about the fact that sleep deprivation is a highly effective torcher method.

Sufficient sleep is crucial for:
– Your muscles recovering through adequate protein synthesis, HGH and the release of other important hormones.
– Your appetite regulation. A lack of sleep increases hunger signals to your brain.
– Managing stress and the hormones that regulation mood, motivation and ability to focus.

A lack of sleep will lead to:
– Decreased insulin sensitivity which inhibits fat mobilisation
– Cognitive decline and faster “brain ageing”
-A weakend immune system
– General crankiness and therefore you and your relationships suffering

There is much you can do to support optimal sleep and so feel better during your waking hours and prevent premature ageing.

If you would like to know more, including a sleepy tea recipes, wind-down routines and advice to get your primed for restful nights and powerful days then hit the button below!

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