Rest Times; a game changing variable in your program

Long rest times
(2-4 minuets)

  • Facilitate recovery for absolute strength and power lifts.
  • Are good for performance in that moment.

Shorter rest times
(10-120 seconds)

  • Increase metabolic demand/ strain for fat mobilisation & muscle growth.
  • Boost testosterone and human growth hormone release.

What extended rest periods do:

Allows the removal of waste products and lactate diminishing the metabolic stimulus.
Metabolic stimulus/ strain and that lactate release is what will drive anabolic testosterone release, improving muscle response and adaptation
That burn, that lactate… that’s a good thing if you want to grow your muscle tissue or burn fat. Big rests, less lactate.

Other factors to consider when determining rest times are:

  • If you’re a “hard gainer”
  • If you are seeking a progression that allows your joints to catch up to your muscle to avoid injury.
  • Your training age and strength
  • Your age
  • Your hormonal status
  • Your goal
  • External factors (how you need to perform for your sport the next day etc.)
  • The consideration of others in a busy gym

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