Addressing Adrenal Fatigue

Struggling to sleep, a lack of focus, little energy and an over all off kilter feeling that is leaving your depressed and frustrated. Adrenal Fatigue feels horrendous.

A quick bio lesson:
You produce adrenaline (also called cortisol) in glands. Your perception of the world and how you experience stress and other day-day experiences will determine how much your glands secrete. You need sufficient amounts for focus, energy and to fight off infections when necessary. Your body will produce more or less depending on the situation it feels it is in. You can also produce more through certain supplements like caffeine. Your system can be overwhelmed by too much cortisol being produced for too long and not enough rest and recovery time in between. This can lead to the depression of other important bodily functions and hormonal imbalances.
You may have heard of type II diabetes where people have become “insulin resistant” this is because for so long they had to produce lots of insulin in response to a diet too high in sugary foods and now their pancreas can no longer keep up with the demands which leads to the resistance. Adrenal fatigue works in much the same way. Your body has to keep up with such a high and sustained production of adrenalin that the system simply goes out of whack as it gets depleted.

How does it feel?
Like you are not yourself. It feels hard to self-regulate emotions as you feel out of balance and out of control. A quality night’s sleep may feel harder to achieve and even when you do sleep you wake feeling groggy rather than refreshed. Energy levels are low throughout the day and remembering simple things is a challenge which in turn makes it harder for you to trust yourself and your own judgment. Often the fatigue you feel leads you to crave foods you don’t need.

Because your other hormones have gone out of balance things like your sex drive, ability to learn and retain information, your mood and cycles also go off kilter and become depressed.

How does it happen?
Your lifestyle has a huge affect on your hormonal balance. Let this knowledge empower you. You do not have to be victim to it or your genetics, you can take control and affect positive changes within yourself to achieve the healthiest you that you can be!
Smoking, drinking, drugs and highly processed foods are the obvious causes but things like:

  • living your life in a rush and burning yourself out at work
  • drinking excessive amounts of caffeine (especially first thing in the morning)
  • not getting enough time outside in natural light
  • not eating a good balance of carbohydrates with quality proteins and fats
  • not having enough positive social connections that restore and enrich you…

…can all have a negative affect on your hormonal balance and so your overall well being. This all makes you susceptible to burnout, adrenal fatigue and other nefarious conditions that decrease your quality of life. You get one life. Do everything you can to achieve the best quality of it, you are so worth it.
See the below tips on managing your adrenal fatigue and restoring optimal hormonal balance.

what to avoid:

  • caffeine, no coffee at all and limit teas that contain caffeine such as black and green tea.
  • processed foods, alcohol and cigarets/vapes;  These stress the body out and make it harder for the adrenals to  repair themselves whilst cause other damage.
  • stress. Easier said than done but this can mean learning to say no, scheduling time to talk with friends and family, taking walks in nature and dialing back your work load as best you can.

Behaviour practices:

  • first thing in the morning, get 10-15 minutes of natural light in your eyes. This has to be outside.
  • low impact exercise such as walking, low intensity weight training, yoga and pilates.
  • cold exposure 3 times a week. This could be a 40 minute walk in minimal clothing or 3 minutes of a cold blast in the shower.
  • avoid food and your phone an hour before bed.

How your diet can help

  • eat carbohydrates within 2 hours of waking and straight after exercise.
  • including small amounts of quality sources of organic protein or the best quality you can afford.
  • including high quality fats and omega 3s (found in salmon, sardines, hemp seeds). Small amounts of coconut oil to support your adrenals and serves of avocado.
  • leafy greens, berries and cooking with herbs to get a variety of micronutrients.

For guidance and support on overcoming your adrenal fatigue, reach out.
A free 15 minute phone consult can be booked by emailing:

We can get your started with a simple to follow diet, exercise and lifestyle plan to de-stress, nourish your body and restore balance.

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