Reasons you ate when you weren’t actually hungry…

  • You felt triggered or disappointed by an email, text or remark
  • You felt stressed
  • You had just checked your phone
  • It was just “there”
  • It was late at night

And what to do instead….

  • Keep a journal, noting down things that disappoint or trigger you and unpacking why they did so to increase your resilience and to respond better as you learn more about yourself .
  • Embrace a routine rich  self-care techniques to avoid becoming stressed (walks, calling friends, self massage, a breathing practice) and then fall back on these techniques when you recognise  stress.
  • Didn’t get the likes you thought you would? Didn’t see that message pop up that you had hoped for? Or you received a stressful message? Pause, breath and carry on, one step at a time.
  • “it was there” is not a good reason. There is always something better you can have later. Keep food in the pantry or the fridge and recognise you have the ability to control yourself around food.

Night binge eating is far more common than our industry would like to recognise.

Why do we do it?
We put pressure and expectations on ourselves to “eat better tomorrow”, “eat less tomorrow” or “burn it off tomorrow”
Remember who is in control and rather than threatening to punish yourself with less food later, focus on the next meal you will get to enjoy.

We felt lonely or bored
Loneliness sucks.  You are completely validated in feeling sad when this hits and I encourage you to actively  avoid this. Put effort into your friendships, schedule calls with friends or family and remember there are lines you can call and programs that can support you.

We have far less control at the end of the day compared to the start, its been a day full of decision making and we are starting to feel over it. So be prepared for this. Put the snacks where they are not so easy to reach. Have a cup of tea at the ready and practice a routine of hot shower, self massage, and winding down until it feels more natural than opening the fridge door.

Changing your mindset around food is the single most powerful thing you can do for longevity, improving your energy levels, sleep, focus and getting the results that you want. 

Be kind to yourself and remember you are not alone with feeling out of control when it comes to food. But realise that there is a future you who has healed their relationship to food and is thriving! 

For more on self care and help developing a destress routine: @saeyondhealth


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