The difference between discipline & and obsession

Discipline essentially comes down to asking yourself what you want more and finding methods to keep you tuned to that end game.
Some powerful methods include:
– Developing your mindset.
-Optimising your environment to suit your goals.
-Finding an orbit around positive and goals oriented people.

Discipline is also just something to practice so don’t be discouraged if you fall off the wagon. Keep practicing it with an eye to your long game and mind on your values.

Obsession can look like:
-Avoiding social connections in the interest of trying to control too many variables. e.g. skipping family dinners for the sake of calorie counting.
-Prioritising an exercise regime over sufficient sleep and recovery. If you only slept four hours that night be kind to yourself rather than hitting a hard sesh in the gym and wearing it like a badge of honour.
-Judging others and their lifestyle choices; You do you and let others do them.

How to find that sweet spot?
A few good practices include:
– Mindfulness and regularly checking in with yourself maybe even keeping a journal.
-Cultivating a rich life where you pursue a variety of interests and expose yourself  to a variety of people and experiences. We all have something to learn from everyone and every experience can be an opportunity for growth.
-Pursing health in a holistic way by investing in your mental health, nutrition and recovery as well as strengthing your body.

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