Wild Black Rice and Pumpkin Risotto with Egg

A rice who’s sensational chew factor is surely only matched by the gooeyness of perfectly boiled egg and creaminess of in season pumpkin. Life is short. Therefore, batch cook rice and you may even like to mix through some basmati if you find that more digestible than wild rice. From there you can get creativeContinue reading Wild Black Rice and Pumpkin Risotto with Egg

Seaweed Saltbush Scramble

A saline slipperiness rubs into your fingers, a mild saltiness on your tongue, a gentle seasoning to your food. Saltbush is excellent and dried saltbush can have many uses. Brewed in a tea, a garnish on salads as well as desserts, mixed with other spices and used as a meat or vegetable rub. Here IContinue reading “Seaweed Saltbush Scramble”