🧗🏼‍♀️My journey started with focus on all the things I was going to cut out, on the weight I wanted to lose.

⛰But the gains in energy, confidence and strength have been the ultimate pillars of my motivation. Day-day motivation may ebb and flow but these benefits are what draw me into keeping up this lifestyle and I don’t feel like there’s any going back now.

❤️One of the best ever feelings is getting to see this shift in others.
🌟When improving performance takes over fitting into tight pants.
🌟When developing new skills takes spotlight from shedding weight.

✨Honing skills and feeling yourself getting stronger and more energised is such a powerful and positive feedback loop into sleep, nutrition and recovery. It’s a way more sustainable mindset for getting you to where you want to be.
💪🥰See how you feel yourself when you vary your goals, think long term and enjoy the journey rather than being focused on any set destination. Notice the positive changes and fall in love with the process

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