Let your motivation to seek health and strength come from a place of love

Decisions and efforts are so much more reflexive when it comes from a place of love.
Think about it. If you love what you do for work you will be more willing to rock up early, do the grit work and invest in your professional development. If you love your partner, it is so much easier to want to cook for them, listen to them and support their goals.
It’s the same with your body. When you love your body the decisions to feed it the best quality, get it the movement it needs to thrive and flourish feel so much easier.

When you’re training…
It should never ever be a punishment. It is the unleashing of your body’s potential. It is the nurturing of your cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and so many other systems within you.
Find exercise you enjoy! Get your friends and family involved as workout buddies or meet at the beach for a game of footy.
For a confidence booster; Invest in your education on technique and how to be effective with some solid coaching.

When you’re choosing what to feed yourself…

If you don’t like green juice, don’t force it down. There are so many tasty ways to get the nutrition you need for energy, recovery and longevity.
Start by looking at nutrition labels and avoiding shit that sounds weird. If you don’t recognise some chemical substance mayhem on a label then chances are you won’t thrive on it. Try to practice mindful eating and using your hand as a portion guide.

For ideas on what’s good:
– Follow some healthy foodies on the gram
– Subscribe to youtubers who know what’s what
– Crank Nana’s old recipe books

Key Take Aways

  • You will respond better to self-love than self-loathing. Prioritise the practice of mindfulness and self-love first as the foundation of your fitness journey.
  • There are so many options for moving your body, finding ones you love and look forward to is all part of the fun! Get amongst it.
  • Food is fuel for everything from movement to learning & exploring, laughing & love making. Love food. Find food that loves you back.

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