To Espresso?

The most widely consumed psychoactive substance on the planet; coffee has a load of benefits! Including:
-Performance enhancing
-Improve focus and mental alertness
-High levels of antioxidants to fight free radical damage.
-Stimulates the central nervous system and boosts the production of neurotransmitters associated with creativity.
-There are significant mental benefits to having a regular coffee shop, connecting with your community and enjoying a premium product.

There can be a few drawbacks depending on your unique sensitivities.
Caffeine stimulates the release of cortisol which can be taxing on the adrenal glands, leading to adrenal fatigue and other issues. It can inhibit the build up of ‘sleep pressure’ which can affect sleep quality. You may have experienced it being pretty tough on the gut. Caffeine exasperates intestinal motility which may cause discomfort or relive it. Caffeine is a contributor to anxiety by stimulating many neural pathways along with the release of cortisol which shifts the body into it’s “fight or flight” state.

A balanced take away on caffeine
Like many things there are pros and cons, there are worse things for you, there are better things for you. If you feel good on it and enjoy it then keep enjoying in moderation.
Everyone’s ability to process caffeine varies so tune into your body and decide what serves you best. Finding a cafe that serves a premium product and gives great service turns it into an experience which you can derive more benefits from.

A few alternatives to try
-Bone broth
-Turmeric latte
-Cacao, mushroom, maca latte
-Herbal teas
-Dandelion root tea
– Lemon, ginger infused hot water
Ask your local cafe what they recommend

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