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Delivering Energy Strength and Vitality

I would love to help you reach your goals!

I take the guess work out of it with a personalised process. I get to know you and what will work best for you. We establish goals, develop methods that will keep you on track and help you to find balance with your nutrition, training, work and life to keep it sustainable.

Fall in love with your fitness journey and make it a lifestyle that keeps you feeling energised and resilient right into your old age!


Christina is a fantastic PT. Her enthusiasm for all aspects of health and fitness is contagious. Always smiling and super happy to advise, alter and coordinate individual programs. Christina listens to the clients goals and guides them thru the best pathway to achieve them. Can’t thank her enough for her expertise!!!

Tracey A

“Christina brings a very personalised approach to training. The sessions are highly energetic, informative and outcome focussed. As a Glaucoma sufferer, her training ensures no strain while addressing my core exercise needs. In the few weeks that I have been under her guidance, the results have not only been amazing but I am feeling very motivated and a sense of wanting to achieve more This is truly humanity in action, total authenticity and mindfulness.. So much gratitude.”

Anil M

“Wisdom, knowledge and understanding of physiology, and biomechanics and nutrition beyond her years. Christina has an effervescent positivity that is so contagious. Her dedication and curiosity to learning will guarantee you that whatever your challenge she will find the solution, and do so with the kindness and heartfelt passion of a true health professional”

Isaac X

Christina is a fantastic PT. She brings incredible energy to every session and tailors workouts to your goals and ability. Christina has an incredible wealth of knowledge of exercise and nutrition so if you’re looking for a PT who takes a holistic approach she’s the one you want!

Bridget A

“I started training with Chrissy a few months ago because I was struggling to keep myself accountable after lockdown, baby and restarting work. I love her, she is smart, insightful, patient and super energetic. She does not only support fitness growth, she also helps with stress management. I would highly recommend her and her studio is also amazing.”

Jessica P

“Christina is my secret weapon for pushing the limits of my fitness. With her help, I’ve improved my strength, fitness and flexibility to levels that I didn’t think were possible. She’s incredibly passionate about what she does and will leave no stone unturned to figure out exactly what my body needs. You would find it difficult find that anyone who can deliver such a deep level of program individualisation. Christina brings massive energy into every session and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Kirril K

Christina always brings such joy and knowledge to her work. Her effervescence is present in all that she does. She has provided me and my partner with countless recipes and nutritional gems (specifically for vegans) and supplied us with wonderful supplements. Christina has also given us fantastic exercises to complete at home to help us both with our knee injuries- they have worked wonders- my partner is now running without any knee flareups. Thank you for so generously sharing your insight and knowledge with us.

Naomi K

Experienced with and certified in:

Level 3 and 4 fitness

Rehab training

Nutrition coaching

Strength and Conditioning

Achieving a healthy weight

Let’s get started! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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