Personalised and Optimised Exercise Programs.

Exercise programming built to harmonise with your lifestyle and unleash your potential

Option A

Highly indivudulaised and customised to your abilities, goals and the unique way you move.

Establish goals, complete a questionnaire and book a 15 minute (zoom option available) form and movement patterns assessment. This option also comes with the additional service of us liasing with any physio or other sports professional you may have worked with to further optimise your program for you.
This option is ideal for athletes, sport professionals or anyone seeking pain or injury management.


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Option B

Choose from a pre-designed program crafted by head trainer Christina Clements

Flex and flow: Body weight programs that focus on mobility and building a good movement foundation.

Tools and technique: Another great option for beginners, this focuses on developing strength and muscle endurance using key movements.

High level shred: A program to blast you past plateau. High intensity movements to develop power, strength and improve metabolic and heart health.


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“I highly recommend Christina, she understands goals and physical capabilities of each individual. I recently have dedicated my training for almost 3months to help kick start my fitness journey. As a person who has no experience in the gym it was daunting & challenging but Christina helped me maintain a positive attitude and be realistic with the workouts. Christina is beyond amazing and with her positive attitude and playfulness she will not let you slack off! I am so grateful for the time and effort Christina has put in me to reach my fitness goals. Christina is a Superstar!”

Sheetal Mistry

“Christina is my secret weapon for pushing the limits of my fitness. With her help, I’ve improved my strength, fitness and flexibility to levels that I didn’t think were possible. She’s incredibly passionate about what she does and will leave no stone unturned to figure out exactly what my body needs. You would find it difficult find that anyone who can deliver such a deep level of program individualisation. Christina brings massive energy into every session and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Kirril Kiryshin

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