Corporate Wellness

Your People. Their Highest Potential

Retain employees, improve workplace culture and uncap productivity.

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How your people can thrive
The benefits of exercise for enhancing focus, productivity and fostering innovation are well known and practiced worldwide. Mitigate the kind of lost productivity on the rise due to modern lifestyle health hazards. Poor posture leading to pain or increased days off sick resulting from unhealthy lifestyles are well understood and strategised for by our experienced trainers and nutritionists. Enhance your workplace atmosphere and culture with the connection and feel-good factor of exercise, lifestyle and nutrition advice.

How your business can benefit
Your people are the core of what you do, the ultimate source of greater levels of productivity. Outcomes of your comprehensive corporate wellness package include retention of quality employees and fostering a sense of loyalty and community within your business as well as networking opportunities, improved employee mood, decreased stress and sickness.

Enquire about packages and customised options

Services offered include

Group fitness sessions
(30 and 45 minute options available) as well we one-on-one training.

Including workshops, meal plans, personalised advice and coaching.

Recovery and Stress Management
Guided mini-meditations to enhance focus and restore your people beyond stress.
Workshops and advice on stress management and sleep optimisation.

Resources put together by our expert team
Detailing accessible and actionable steps that employees and management teams can take to provide healthier workplaces.